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What Message Will Your Parochet Convey?

“I firmly believe that a parochet is so much more than embroidery threads and velvet. It’s meant to create an ambience, a welcoming atmosphere in the shul. It should convey your congregation’s unique message and value system, and attract newcomers. It is essentially the synagogue’s focal point.”

-Chana Gamliel, parochet artist


Biala of Stamford Hill

When the Biala Rebbe envisioned a new parochet, he knew it would honor the nine generations of Biala and Peshischa Rebbes who preceded him.

This custom parochet, embroidered using 3.8 million embroidery stitches and donning 1500 Swarovskis crystals, is a majestic tribute to a prestigious Chassidish dynasty.

Feinstone Yeshiva of the South- Memphis, TN

A Yeshiva’s parochet transmits a clear message to the bachurim: “Torah learning is thrilling! Shtaygen is the joy of our lives!” The deep message conveyed by this parochet’s deep Jewish imagery conveys Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe’s teachings about dual processes in a child’s development. The parochet is replete with inferences to these two processes- the organic and the man-made.

Rizin Boyan of Stamford Hill

Learn how 2000 Swarovski crystals helped create a youthful interpretation of a classic parochet theme. The Aron Kodesh was brightened with a splash of color, all the while enhancing its unique architectural themes.


Welcome to the 'haute couture' of embroidered synagogue judaica! Here you will find a vast selection of starting points, ideas and inspiration for the parochet or Torah cover that we will create especially for you. 


Since 2010, My Parochet has done more than refine an old tradition: We've started a new one. Guided by an international palate, we fuse unique embroidery techniques from around the world to create meaningful designs using the finest embroidery threads and fabrics. My Parochet makes every embroidered creation to measure, right here in the Land of Israel. To achieve optimal results, our products are created, one by one, especially for you by the top embroideresses in the field, making every parochet worth your patience.

Chana Gamliel on the cover of Mishpacha Magazine

Erev Shavuot 2018 saw Chana Gamliel on the cover of Mishpacha Magazine, read by 500,000 Jews worldwide.
A detailed 10-page photo interview gives one a glimpse into the fascinating world of high-end parochet design.

Something fresh in the world of Parochets: The Israeli Artist Parochet Collection

Partnering with world-renowed Israeli artists Yoram Raanan and David B. Wolk, I’ve created a striking collection of parochets that will undoubtedly inspire your congregation.


Torah Mantels

View the collection



MyParochet's design team spends a good deal of time discussing each customer's vision with them. They study photos our clients send them of their Aron Kodesh, synagogue interior, upholstery, etc. and incorporate the unique personality and atmosphere into every embroidered creation. The velvets and drapery materials we use are of the highest quality possible, lengthening the lifespan of your parochet, Torah mantel or bima cover. We are excited about creating parochets on non-standard background colors and materials and are constantly using new techniques to acheive the most impressive results


"The beautiful paroches with its rich tapestry and innovative 3D design continues to inspire all who come to daven and /or study at our Kollel.
Chana Gamliel had a clear understanding of our needs and proceeded to create a true masterpiece for all to be uplifted."

-Rabbi Dovid Elias
Rosh Kollel, Kollel Keser Torah
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Let's Get Started!

We'd like to use our years of experience to help you enjoy the creative process to the maximum. Here are a few helpful pages to get you started... 

Measuring Guide

Not sure how to measure your Bima, Torah scroll or Aron Kodesh?

Our helpful Measuring Guides will assist you.

List of Popular Verses

A Hebrew verse from the Tanach (Bible) is customarily embroidered on a parochet or Torah mantel. Choose a verse that speaks to your heart and whose meaning is both inspiring and relevant.

The Production Process

The final product- the parochet that will eventually hang in your Aron Kodesh- has a fascinating story behind it! 
The actual production process involves many stages, many people in many different cities.

"Feel" the Embroidery

While we offer our customers a beautiful selection of high-quality European velvets, we can also embroider your masterpiece on a vast array of durable drapery fabrics, with different textures and sheens.

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